Hiking: the best of times

Hiking – we both love it. Right after Missy took me from the shelter, we went on a short hike in the nearby forest, and we continue every week. Living on the top of Budapest allows us to go hiking every day should we want to, but sadly Missy has to sit in front of the computer many hours – she calls it “work” but all she does is making tip-tip-tippetty sounds, and talks to people who are not in the room. (Sometimes I hear their voices but can never see them.)

So we don’t go hiking every day but we do every week. Sometimes nearby, other times a little further, sometimes alone, other times with friends. We take easy hikes, so I have time and energy to explore, to smell, to enjoy – I love it.

I especially like it when we’re going downhill because Missy needs me there. She is terrified of falling, and I can finally take care of her, instead of her having to take care of me. I stand there next to her, watching where she steps, running ahead so she knows it’s safe, and I wait patiently as she’s inching ahead.

But wherever we are, it’s a different world, a kinder, magical one, than the world we live in every day. The calmness of the forest combined with the exciting smells, and the safety of Missy, makes it a wonderful experience, one that fills my soul, and calms my nerves. Every time.

What is your special soul place?

6 thoughts on “Hiking: the best of times

    1. I sure wouldn’t be outside this much without Mia, even when I know how good it is for my own harmony! It was one of the reasons I wanted to get a dog actually 🙂


  1. Nature is always a good soul place! We have a dog since few months, and I now I see even our closest surrounding with her eyes, there are so many exiting places to sniff around at and explore. Can’t wait until she’s fully grown and we can go for longer walks.


  2. I love your description of the tippety tap of the keyboard and talking to people that aren’t there. I’ve been working from home during the pandemic and I’m sure my cats and dog wonder what I’m doing most of the time.


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