A moment in time

Six Sentence Story with the prompt: Tension

The waves flirted with the rope, almost touching but never reaching. The tension in the rope danced to the same rhythm: up and down, slack and tight. Seagulls lined up in a zipzag fashion, eating the seeds that were spilt by the boy just for them. There was plenty to eat, making the fish brave enough to jump in and out of the sea, enjoying the rich taste of the harbour water. It was the first day of spring, filling everything with life. A day when no-one had to die.

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20 thoughts on “A moment in time

  1. Was totally caught up in the scene, enjoying the atmosphere, imagery of harbor, gulls, the intense joy felt at the first signs Spring has truly arrived… then “blammo”!
    Excellent Six.

    (Begs a second Six, don’t you think?!)

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  2. I will second Denise’s comment for continuation.
    Excellent example of “it’s not how many words you are using but how you are using them”.


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