Yearning for walks in the forest

The heat of the summer quickly turned to rain and thunder, further preventing us from proper walks. I would have huffed and puffed, except lightnings scare me so I just hid in the bathroom. I closed my eyes to escape from the inexplicable fear: I knew Missy was here, but so were the loud booms, so really couldn’t tell if I was safe or not.

My restless sleep brought me dreams. I am running in the forest, someone, something, behind me, almost catching me but I am fast, almost flying but very afraid. I woke to Missy’s gentle touch who saved me from being caught. Why didn’t she send away the thunder? I tried to make myself as small as possible, hiding from everything in the dark.

When it was over, I gave it an hour or so before I left the bathroom and reminded Missy that we didn’t go for our walk yet. I could already smell the fresh air, the unbearable summer heat gone, the new smells the rain brought down – we had to go immediately.

After the rain

Oh, it was much better when we were finally out. The sun already started to dry the puddles (I’m too beautiful to get myself into the dirty water unlike many other dogs), and there was a lot of life everywhere. Bugs came out to enjoy the sunbeams that were finally gentle enough, they brought their whole family, some the first time out, scattering away as I approached. I just laughed at them because really, what well-kept dog would hurt bugs. Then I laughed again because I suddenly remembered how I had no choice at one point in my life but eat anything and everything I found to survive. Life was different now – I ran back to Missy because she made my life different now and I could never repay her for it.

As we kept walking, I suddenly recognised the direction: we were going to the bus stop! Now don’t get me wrong, travelling on the bus is not my favourite. It’s loud, I have to wear a muzzle, most floors are not designed to provide a comfortable place for us dogs but the bus also means something great: an adventure!

On the bus

Sometimes it takes us to the city, or a park, to other people, other dogs, always new smells, exciting places, and a chance to show off my Missy to others. This is why I love the bus in the end, and I was right, it took us to a brand new place, we never were here before, and oh, was it interesting! I lifted my nose to take note of all the smells.

There were less vehicles, less people, more plants, animals… What was that? A chicken? I wanted to run there but couldn’t leave Missy, not only because she held my leash but mostly because she wouldn’t be able to follow. And what was a chicken without being able to bring it to Missy?

We kept walking and discovering everything when the houses (and chickens) disappeared, and there it was: my favourite place in the whole world. The forest. So much to smell, so much to understand! A rabbit ran here last night, tailed by a cat, no, 2 cats, who started a fight when they crossed paths, giving way to the rabbit’s escape. The cats only fought for show though, no blood, no injury to be smelled, and that was good. Some dogs walked here recently, leaving messages about their health, family status, mood, and now I could smell them in the air, a whole bunch of them, waiting for us. This was gonna be a great day indeed: a day in the forest with dog-friends. Thank you autumn!


Part of the gang

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