Meatball with cottage cheese

Hungarian cottage cheese is a bit different from what you’re used to. It’s not as smooth, therefore more versatile, and can be used in many different dishes. However Missy’s very traditional mum hasn’t heard of using it in meatloaf.

We only had a practice run so there are no pictures, but we both were happy with the result. It was a healthy meatloaf to start with, ground turkey instead of beef, oats instead of breadcrumbs – meatloaf is a very grateful dish to experiment with as it’s difficult to mess it up.

Healthy meatloaf with cottage cheese

Ground turkey, 500g
Cottage cheese, 250g
2 eggs
4-5 tablespoons of oats
2-3 tablespoons of greek yoghurt
Chopped garlic and onion (remember to separate a portion for your dog without onion and spices)
Your favourite spices: kurkuma, pepper, paprika, ginger, be brave and try something new

Mix thoroughly and rest in fridge overnight so oats will soften.

Bake as a whole in the tray or make portions and fry them in oil.

What’s your favourite cottage cheese recipe?

Love, Mia

2 thoughts on “Meatball with cottage cheese

  1. That sounds utterly amazing! I like cottage cheese in most anything. When I was single I had a signature dish I would make and bring to my married friends houses. Yes I would invite myself over for dinner but bring the main course. That course was a lasagna with baby shrimps put in and I would often use half ricotta cheese half cottage cheese as a layer. I called it ricottage cheese.

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